Reagan Guitar Williams spent his childhood traveling and surfing between southern California and southern Baja with his family while listening to traditional mid-century blues and rock & roll which became the driving force for his sound. He naturally gravitated toward guitar when he was 14 years old. Reagan's music is influenced by, and infused with the sounds of legendary musicians such as The Paladins, Nick Curran, Freddie King, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, and T-Bone Walker among many others. 

While Reagan's taste in music is very traditional, his childhood was far from traditional. He was homeschooled through most of his childhood and spent many years recovering from a life-threatening illness. Never one to feel sorry for himself, Reagan put his energy into studying nutrition, building his organic garden, making music, and entertaining people. 

Reagan's desire became even more evident when he and his dad built a trailer during the pandemic 2020 and began playing in the streets because everyone needed relief and entertainment. His vision even included smoke and bubbles for the kids. Insisting that everything be safe and organic for his band and their audience, Reagan made the fog himself. His dad, Kevin Williams, left no stone unturned when dialing in the sound and making the trailer safe for travel. Kevin Williams also had no apparent limit to lighting. Together, along with the help of a local friend, Milton Pitts, the stage was set and ready to rock & roll. 

The RGW band soon morphed into its regular members Reagan Guitar Williams, Thomas Yearsley, and Kevin Williams. Other musicians who join at times are Ric Root, Marcus Bashore, and Charles Burton. 

During the pandemic 2020/2021, Reagan also focused on recording his all-original album at Thunderbird Analog Recording Studio, owned by the great Thomas Yearsley. Many days and nights were spent recording with some of San Diego's best musicians. Reagan Guitar Williams is excited to announce the release of his first album SPACE FORCE on Lux records, produced by Laura Chavez and Thomas Yearsley. 

Reagan is the epitome of a true entertainer who brings you into the moment and helps you stay there with him as he plays out every emotion in the song while remaining humble, kind, and deeply connected to his audience.